Features of Strip Curtains (Part 1)

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​Today we are looking at the features of PVC strip curtains, also known as plastic strip curtains or vinyl strip curtains. Here is the first in our two-part series called “12 Features You Must Know About Strip Curtains”.

​Different sizes

Vinyl curtain strips are available in different sizes in terms of their width and thickness. We refer to them as light duty, medium duty and heavy duty strip curtains. Low door openings use smaller size strips while high door openings require larger curtain strips. More detail available from our Strip Curtains page.

strip curtains at low door opening
Low door opening
forklift curtains for large door opening
High door opening

​Minimum maintenance

Once we have installed a PVC strip curtain door it will serve you for a long time. Depending on surrounding conditions, it will only require periodic cleaning with a light soap. PVC is tough and not prone to rips and tears [watch forklift curtains in action video]. However, should that occur, just replace individual strips. Which brings us to the next feature.


PVC, as we’ve seen in “What is PVC?” is a durable plastic. And a good quality PVC curtain strip will serve you for many years. Its durability ensures low maintenance leaving more time for you to enjoy the benefits of PVC strip curtains.

​Thermal insulation

This is arguably the single most important feature of flexible PVC curtain. PVC strip curtains offers low thermal conductivity which is essential in any climate control application.

​Temperature grades

Stip curtains are manufactured with different properties and for different applications. For example, clear industrial curtains can be installed in areas where the temperature ranges between -15°C to +50°C.

Super polar flat PVC strip curtains (don’t worry, that’s just our fancy name to scare ice bears) can be installed in areas where the temperature ranges between -60°C to +15°C.

Anti insect strip curtains

Sometimes conditions call for a strip curtain door which is safe to humans, but repulsive for insects. Anti-insect strip curtains ​retain normal features of strip curtains such as durable, flexible and transparent, but offers the additional feature of repelling insects, in particular, mosquitoes. Ideal for food processing plants and hospitals.

Temperature range pvc curtain strips
Temperature range
welding and anti-insect strip curtains
Welding & anti-insect curtain strips
opaque grey and black strip curtains
Opaque grey & black


Many of the features of PVC strip curtains we have listed applies across the board. Please note, however, that some features are specific to a certain type of PVC curtain strip and might not apply to every type. Strip Curtain Solutions offers a diverse range of PVC strip curtains to serve an equally diverse range of applications and industries.

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