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Gallery 4 – Welding curtain installation

ISO 25980 welding curtains ensure safety in welding environments by providing effective protection against hazardous welding processes. Compliant with international standards, these curtains are made from durable materials to withstanding high temperatures, sparks and UV radiation. They offer visibility for safe operation while containing harmful light emissions and welding fumes, safeguarding both workers and the surrounding areas from potential damage.

Designed with versatility in mind, our welding curtain strips are easy to install, adjust and maintain. This makes them essential equipment where arc welding activities occur. With their reliable performance and adherence to safety regulations, they promote a secure working environment. (Available colours: red welding strip and light green welding strip).

Gallery 5 – Before & after (part 1)

The next section shows images of before and after installations of impact doors and PVC strip curtains. This is something we have wanted to do for ages. Hope you enjoy it ☺

Gallery 6 – Before & after (part 2)

Gallery 7 – Second hand PVC strip curtains

As you can see from the following images, there is very little good to say about these PVC curtain strips. They are just done. The only good thing about them is that you can recycle them. Something we encourage our customers to do. Apart from not being effective at all, worn strip curtains pose a safety risk. The once transparent strips made way for contaminated and worn strips with almost zero visibility.

Gallery 8 – Clear and red PVC strip curtains

Clear PVC strip curtains and red PVC strip curtains can be arranged in different ways to demarcate an entrance. This is especially true of larger door openings at factories and warehouses. From a safety point of view it is imperative to split pedestrian (staff) and motorised (forklifts) traffic. Below are a few schematic drawings showing you the various options and sample installations.

Gallery 10 – Datasheets