Features of PVC Strip Curtains (Part 2)

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​In this article we continue to look at the features of PVC strip curtains. Here is the second in our two-part series on the features of strip curtains. In case you missed part 1, there is a link at the bottom of this page.


Strip curtains can either be clear (transparent) or opaque (non-transparent).

Clear PVC strip curtains

Clear strips admit light through and offers clear vision for safety. For example, 200 mm x 2 mm clear vinyl curtains offers an 85% light transmission rate.

Opaque PVC strip curtains

They are available in grey or black and mostly deployed where you specifically want to create a visual block, in other words, privacy. This is often the case in retail stores with a kitchen area, or in restaurants to separate the dining area from the back of house. Occasionally we have installed a combination of clear and opaque.

clear plastic strip curtains
Clear strip curtains
black pvc curtain
Opaque black strip curtain

​Noise reduction

PVC was not developed specifically to reduce noise, but when installed as a strip curtain wall, with curtain strips overlapping each other generously, it reduces the transmission of noise. We all know noise can be disturbing and at worst a risk to health. Strip curtains can be used as a noise barrier for generators, compressors, machines and pumps.

Flexible PVC strip curtains

This is another standard feature across the range. From the narrow clear curtain strip to the anti-insect strip curtain, they are all flexible. A strip curtain door appears solid, but you can still walk or drive through it with little effort – as demonstrate in this video.

​Block UV rays

This feature applies specifically to our welding strip curtains which is certified to meet ISO EN 25980 standards. Two colours are available ie red and light green. Welding strip curtains will bock 99% of harmful UV rays to protect your employees and create a safer workplace.

This is a technical product developed to filter harmful infrared (IR) light, ultraviolet (UV) light and blue light. In addition it protects workers outside the immediate area from welding spatter. Welding curtain strips also eliminates the risk of fire.

red welding strip curtain
Red welding strip
red welding strip curtain
Light green welding strip

​Fire retardant

PVC strip curtains has good flame retardancy. Yes, a fire will destroy them, but at least it won’t help the fire … it’s almost like flame-retardant pajamas for children. This feature is of particular importance to welding strip curtains.


PVC, and that would include PVC strip curtains, can be recycled. In fact, there is not a single component in a strip curtain door which cannot be recycled. Struggling to to find a plastic recycling company near you?

recycle pvc triangle logo code 3


Many of the features we have listed applies across the board. Please note, however, that some features are specific to a certain type of curtain strip and might not apply to every type. Strip Curtain Solutions offers a diverse range of PVC strip curtains to serve an equally diverse range of applications and industries.

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