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Strip Curtain Solutions is a leading industrial equipment supplier of quality PVC strip curtains, impact doors and industrial doors. Based in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa we can also supply in Johannesburg (Gauteng) or Durban (KwaZulu-Natal) with very short lead times.

We will always give you honest advice, not sell you up and then have you disappointed. If you like to shop around and you find wildly differing prices, be warned, whilst there are occasional bargains around, you generally do pay for what you get.

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Typically we meet customers on their site, where we engage in discussions about the problems they are experiencing. Subsequently, Strip Curtain Solutions provides tailored solutions to alleviate or eliminate these issues. It’s important to note that each customer, each site, and each door opening is unique. We thrive on this diversity and embrace the challenges that each one brings.

Alternatively, especially if you are in a hurry and would like to get a quotation quickly, we suggest that you send us an email with as much detail as possible. Typically that would call for:

  • the dimensions of the (door) opening(s) you wish to cover
  • whether it is a new installation or an existing installation
  • is it an internal or external door
  • what the ambient temperature of the area is (eg normal, cold room or freezer room)
  • would you like transparent of opaque PVC curtain strips
  • any special requirements like welding, grinding and privacy
  • the area where you/your site is located
  • whether you want a DIY kit or if want us to do the installation
  • the motivation for the planned installation
  • and finally if the problem is light, mild or severe in your opinion
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Strip curtain door
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Industrial sectional door

Originally Strip Curtain Solutions started as a strip curtains supplier. With time, related products, that complement partition curtains, were added. Our product range now consists of industrial sectional doors, impact traffic doors and high-speed doors. However, PVC strip curtains remain our core business.

PVC strip curtain supplier

3 convenient ways for you to shop:

  • we can supply PVC strip curtains bulk roll material (useful for existing installations),
  • we can supply PVC strip curtain kits (typically for DIY installation), or
  • we can supply and install complete industrial strip curtain doors
About PVC strip curtain supplier
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Strip curtain price

If you need a strip curtain price, please call us or send us an email and share your requirements. Furthermore, if you’re in search of impact traffic doors, high-speed doors, PVC curtain doors, heavy-duty industrial curtains, or welding screens, then we believe you will find this website invaluable.

Sources of images

While the images on our website are originals with copyright belonging to Strip Curtain Solutions, there is one exception. We are using an image of a beautiful red garage door under a creative commons license (CC0). Although it’s not required, we’re happy to credit Hans Braxmeier for contributing this image to the public domain. Vielen dank, Hans.

Our gallery page

In our gallery section – which is the most comprehensive on the Internet – you can view past installations to your heart’s content. Our website also offers offers information, facts and answers to popular questions through a range of articles, both here and on popular social media platforms.

Continuous improvement

Our wish is to make it easy for you to do business with us. As a result we spend a considerable amount of time thinking of how we can improve just that and then implementing those strategies. If you have any suggestions, let us know. We urge customers to post an honest review. We exist because of our customers and salute you!

Thank your for visiting our website. We trust you will enjoy your stay!

  • VAT Reg Number: 4550167821
  • BBBEE Certification: Level 4
  • Industrial Equipment Supplier
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