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Life, Death and Benefits of PVC Strip Curtains

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Strip Curtain Solutions offers a range of high quality energy-saving strip curtains to help you create an efficient, clean and safe workplace. The benefits of PVC strip curtains are equally applicable in hospitals, laboratories, factories, food processing plants, restaurants, warehouses, storage areas, cold rooms and freezers.

Cost saver

Save energy/electricity

We are talking about that scarce commodity in South Africa … the one Eskom asks us to use less of. A strip curtain installation will result in less use of electricity to cool a cold room, freezer, office space or workplace down. Plastic strip curtains can help to maintain the required temperature and humidity in areas where climate control is critical, for example, wine cellars.

Reduce food spoilage

Constant temperature and humidity levels in your plant and cold room will assist you in maintaining the cold chain more effectively. This in turn will increase the shelf life of products because strip curtains prevent the loss of cold air.

Save on cleaning

One of the best known advantages of PVC strip curtains are that they reduce airflow, or draughts. This in turn prevents the influx of dust, pollutants, insects, fumes, odour, wind and even birds. Yes, lately we have seen more and more orders for bird control. They cause a mess which is unhygienic and unhealthy, leaving you with the associated cost of cleaning. This can be prevented.

Green benefits of PVC strip curtains

What is green about PVC strip curtains? I am glad you asked. Maybe you think it's a bit odd but it is arguably the most important benefit of them all. And this is no idle populist claim.

green living benefits of pvc strip curtains

Our planet - let's protect it

We all need to do whatever it takes to reduce wasting energy, burning fossil fuels and discharging greenhouse gases.  In more ways than one a quality installation will assist your business to do your bit. This call merges well with Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Every component of a strip curtain door can be recycled. Please discard responsibly.

Improved safety

Forget the stone age, nowadays a fatal accident can get your factory closed. Clear PVC strip curtains allows for good visibility and maintain a light transmission rate of up to 85%.

Welding strip curtains, in turn, offers eye and spark protection to adjacent workers. Industrial plastic curtains can also reduce noise substantially to protect the ears of staff. Overall, PVC strip curtains will improve worker comfort and create a safer workplace.

PVC curtain strips
red welding strip curtain

Cost effective

The cost of a typical strip curtain door depends on the size of the door opening. In comparison to high speed doors, a strip curtain door is an economical solution which is also mechanically strong.

Once installed, strip curtains are easy to clean and maintain. Also note, PVC door strips can be replaced individually should they get damaged. No need to replace a whole strip curtain door.

And finally, they will reduce maintenance of your refrigeration unit and increases its lifespan.


Strip curtain doors can be manufactured and installed to just about any size door, and to both internal and external door openings. They are mechanically strong which makes them suitable to industrial workplaces.

Plastic curtain strips are conveniently sold in:

  • cut and punched strips (with/without hardware)
  • bulk rolls (with/without hardware), or
  • fully installed.

The convenience benefit of strip curtain doors also means you can have the efficiency of a door without the hassle to open and close it. It is easy to pass through a stip curtain door.


This article about the benefits of PVC strip curtains was written during the lockdown period caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Let's be frank here, planet earth has been calling upon us to take global warming serious, very serious! It is simply not a sustainable path we are on. Mankind needs to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere and stop deforestation on large scale.

Did we mention that this type of door system can be prepared to measure and installed quickly? Not? Well then you are in good luck because that is exactly what we can do.

​Let Strip Curtain Solutions contact you today!

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