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PVC strip curtains

PVC strip curtains is a type of door system which enables the construction of flexible doors with good visibility through which material handling equipment (MHE), stock and people can move with minimum effort. In addition, the overlapping arrangement of PVC curtain strips creates a barrier which restricts air flow, reduces dust, pollutants, and prevents birds from entering the workplace.

Although it started as butchers’ curtains, nowadays strip curtains are used in many commercial and industrial areas, eg. warehouse doors, restaurants, hotels, malls, factories, grocery stores, hospitals and server rooms. In short, the benefits of PVC strip curtains are:

  • reduction of noise
  • saving of energy
  • high durability
  • low maintenance
  • optimising of productivity.


PVC strip curtains
PVC strip curtains offer exceptional clarity
Strip curtains
Butcher curtains keep workplace clean

You can read more about the various types, sizes, hardware and configurations of PVC strip curtains on our Strip Curtains page.

Impact traffic doors

These are suitable for medium to high traffic apertures. You will often find them between the retail area and bulk storage area of retailers. In fact, they are so popular, we have already installed many at Checkers, Spar, Woolworths, in various malls and independent grocery stores.


Double impact door
Impact doors

Impact traffic doors are easy to open, light weight, low maintenance and are extremely durable … as one would expect of a door in this application. Duralite doors are undoubtedly your “tried and tested” option in the impact door market. Therefore they come highly recommended.

You can read more about Duralite doors, their features and benefits on our Impact Doors page.

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