PVC strip curtains

is a door system that uses flexible PVC curtain strips. The individual strips hang from a special curtain rail to form a curtain door. Thanks to their flexibility and transparency, they vastly reduce draughts without restricting movement or much visibility.

Strip doors are mostly used in commercial and industrial areas, which range from cold rooms, freezers, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, malls to factories. PVC strip curtains reduce noise, saves energy and optimize productivity. Call Strip Curtain Solutions today!

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Typical PVC strip curtain installation

Warehouse divider curtain

​Roller door plastic curtains

Industrial swinging door

Best Seller Impact traffic door

Commercial kitchen double swing door

​Restaurant impact doors

Impact traffic doors​

are suitable for medium to high traffic apertures. You will often find them between the retail area and bulk storage area of retailers. In fact, they are so popular, we've installed many at Checkers, Spar, Woolworths, various malls and independent ​grocery stores.

They are easy to open, light weight, ​need low maintenance and are extremely durable ... as one would expect of a door in this application. Impact doors are your "tried and tested in the market" doors. Therefore they come highly recommended.

High speed doors​

can sustain a high number of cycles and ​do each cycle quickly as well. In other words, they open and close quickly and can last for many years.

​Their design allows them to rapidly open, allow traffic through, and then close quickly again. It wasn't always the case, but today they can be either flexible or rigid.

Our high-speed doors are known ​to optimize productivity, maximize energy efficiency and require low maintenance. This in turn allows maximum up time for your business.

high speed roll up door Gandhi Automations

​High speed door by Gandhi

high speed roll up door Assa Abloy

High speed door by Assa Abloy

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Shoprite Checkers Checkers Hyper uses a lot of walk in freezer curtains, warehouse strip curtains and commercial kitchen swing door
Impact traffic doors installed at Game
Quality matters at Strip Curtain Solutions
Koelenhof winery and bottling bought cool room curtains (aka cold room plastic door strips)
Strip Curtain Solutions installed sliding commercial door curtains at Labeltime.co.za
Clear vinyl curtains industrial installed at Montego
Industrial strip curtain doors supplied to Nova
Radisson Blu bought commercial kitchen double swing door
Various Spar retailers have received pvc stip curtain and industrial swinging doors
Strip Curtain Solutions installed flexible pvc curtain at Xpresso Cafe