Strip Curtains

​PVC Strip Curtains is a favourite product for a ​range of applications in the workplace. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) strip curtains for doors uses strips hanging from a special rail, overlapping each other to form a barrier. This type of door system can be deployed the quickest.

The benefits enjoyed from installing strip curtains may differ from one site to another. In general they will:

  • save you electricity
  • reduce noise
  • promote employee comfort
  • improve productivity
  • restrict air flow (hot and cold) and with it air pollutants/insect/dust, and
  • keep your workplace cleaner

​Curtain door components

​What parts or components does a strip curtain door consist of? 

  • a door opening or some form of aperture which requires flexible pvc curtain
  • pvc strip curtain rail mounted horizontally at the top of the aperture
  • fascia plates to secure each strip to the pvc strip curtain rail (or track), and
  • PVC curtain strips hanging vertically from the curtain track to the floor