Where do we find PVC strip curtains?

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In previous articles we discussed “What is PVC?” and “What is PVC strip curtains?” respectively. In this article we are going to look at “where do we find PVC strip curtains?

History of PVC strip curtains

Long gone are the days when you would only find strip curtains at walk-in cold rooms and freezers. We cannot tell you how diverse the places are where we have installed strip curtain doors. Nevertheless, we are going to try and give you an idea.

  • bakery (partition ovens from dough making in a pastry kitchen)
  • conveyor openings (where boxes move from filling to packaging)
  • cool room/cold room/walk in fridge (at main entrance, sometimes between cold room and freezer too if they are interleading)
  • distribution centre or DC (popular on their exterior doors)
  • freezer room/walk-in freezer room (at the entrance door)
  • receiving area (high volume entrance door, often external)
Heavy duty strip curtain door installed
Heavy duty strip curtains
cold room pvc strip curtains
Restaurant cold room with fridge curtains
Rubber curtain strips
Bakery AC strip curtains
  • ​​factory (seal off work area where dust is generated ie mixing powder, wood cutting)
  • food processing plant (importantly between different sections and workstations)
  • IT server room (create divide to separate hot air and cold air)
  • printer or printing business (door opening(s) leading to printing machines)
  • retail store (divide bulk storage area from retail area)
  • warehouse (mostly on exterior doors)
Transparent PVC Curtains
plastic door screen curtain
Clear pvc strip curtains
  • refrigerated truck (often just inside the back door)
  • restaurant (separating the kitchen from the dining area)
  • staff area at workplace (partition staff area from the rest of the factory)
  • welding bay and grinding workstation (often a mobile unit next to where the work is performed)

Requirements for strip curtains

We specifically looked at ‘where to find clear plastic strip curtains’ in this article. It should be noted that the common denominator is:

  • door opening or some form of opening, and
  • intent to divide (or partition).

Consequently, we didn’t address “why PVC strip curtains are installed” or “what the benefits of PVC strip curtains are.” We have reserved them for another article. You can visit our gallery or watch a short video clip of forklift curtains and strip curtains.


In conclusion, if you search for “strip curtains near me” or “PVC strip curtain supplier” you will find Strip Curtain Solutions on the results page. We offer a range of vinyl strip curtains to suite many applications and industries, such as:

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