what is impact traffic doors

What are Impact Traffic Doors?

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Impact traffic doors (or impact doors for short) are by design and manufacture suitable for commercial and industrial workplaces where you want to separate areas that experience a high volume of pedestrian, light cart and warehouse vehicle traffic. The "impact" part of the name suggest ruggedness while "traffic" denotes high volume or frequency.

Features of impact traffic doors

The following are features which any good impact traffic should have:

  • single or double leaf
  • various colours and sizes
  • lightweight and durable
  • good thermal insulation
  • long service life
  • low maintenance
  • self closing
  • built-in window for visibility
  • bi-directional/double acting/swing hinges
Impact entry doors

Commercial swinging doors

Applications of impact traffic doors

Industrial swing doors

You often find that personnel and/or stock needs to move from one area in a factory to another area, and again to another area. One example is a printing business. Large quantities of clean paper needs to move (on site) from stock to production. Printed media is then loaded (again) on a pallet jack and pushed to the next area for sorting and packaging. And quite possible loaded again and moved to dispatch. Industrial swing doors would be an excellent choice because they are light weight but very durable. In addition they offer good thermal insulation and reduce noise.

durulite traffic doors


commercial swinging doors


commercial kitchen double swing door


Restaurant traffic doors

A second application of impact traffic doors would be between a restaurant and its kitchen. Especially a large restaurant where you have tens of waiters and cleaners frequenting a doorway. Restaurant traffic doors would be an ideal fit thanks to its smooth operation and good visibility. Low maintenance just makes the package that much more attractive. Furthermore the Polycarbonate window ensures good visibility so that people don't bump into each other. Overall, an excellent investment thanks to its inherent durability.

Commercial impact doors

Impact traffic doors are very popular in South Africa with its abundance of retail stores and supermarkets. Just think of Checkers, PicknPay, Shoprite, Spar and Woolworths (don't worry, they don't pay us for the mention). You will find commercial impact doors between the retail area (front of store) and their bulk storage area. Typically stock is kept at the back behind commercial impact doors. Each department replenish their display shelves from the bulk storage area. You can imagine the abuse those doors must endure in their lifetime. Consequently, this is where the value of these doors lie. They can endure rugged environments.

traffic doors

Good visibility through windows

what is impact traffic doors

Black bumpers on impact traffic doors


Impact traffic doors are available in single or double leaf sets. We have a specifications page for each of them. You are welcome to view their respective pages - the links are below.

Strip Curtain Solutions is a supplier of industrial swing doors, restaurant traffic doors and industrial swing doors. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.


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