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What is PVC strip curtains?

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PVC strip curtains is a door system where plastic curtain strips are installed over a door opening while overlapping each other to form a flexible and penetrable curtain door. It is a quick and durable way to partition areas. As a result a strip curtain door does not require constant opening and closing once installed.

Beautiful sample of what pvc strip curtains are

Strip curtain installation by Strip Curtain Solutions

It follows that you need certain components to make such a door. But first you need a door opening, or some form of opening which you want to cover. Next, we take a look at the various components of a plastic strip door.

Curtain track

A curtain track is mounted above the (door) opening. Individual curtain strips hang from the curtain track. As a result, this will then form the curtain door. In addition, the curtain rail can be made from Polymer, galvanized steel or stainless steel depending on your application. In most cases galvanized steel offers sufficient corrosion protection. Synonyms for curtain track are hanging rail or curtain rail.

PVC Curtain Track, three different types

Curtain track

Fascia plates

The track system determines whether you need fascia plates or not.

  • Polymer track = PVC curtain strips fit directly to the track, no need for fascia plates.
  • Galvanized steel and stainless steel track = require fascia plates.

Sometimes people refer to fascia plate as brackets.

PVC curtain strips

So the last component is PVC curtain strips. As the name suggests, they are made from PVC. We previously discussed What is PVC? Depending on the application, PVC can be manufactured with certain features enhanced (more about that shortly).

Raw PVC is used to manufacture, or extrude, continuous flat PVC material. This is coiled to form a bulk roll of 50 meters long. Some people refer to PVC as vinyl, hence the the name vinyl strip curtains.

The bulk rolls in the picture differ in height because the strips are 200 mm, 300 mm and 400 mm wide.

PVC strip curtain 50m bulk rolls

PVC strip curtain bulk rolls

PVC curtain strip 200 mm wide

PVC curtain strip assembled

Application base

During the manufacturing process PVC can be tweaked to withstand lower temperatures. These curtain strips will find their way to industrial freezer rooms. We are talking about bitter cold conditions, down to -60°C. Another type of material is tweaked to block harmful UV rays. Such strips will become welding strip curtains.

Another variable which can be achieved during the manufacture process, is transparency. Some plastic curtain strips are transparent while others are opaque. Depending on the application and requirements, each has its own application. In other words, PVC strip curtains are purpose made.

Welding Strip Curtain

Red Welding Strip Curtain

Opaque pvc strip curtains

Opaque PVC strip curtains

In addition, we have two articles which focus on the features of PVC strip curtains:


You often find plastic strips hanging on the end of factories or warehouses. Or even at cold room doors. Ever wondered what they are called? We call them PVC strip curtains or just strip curtains.

PVC curtain doors are made of lengths of plastic strips hanging vertically from a curtain track. The curtain strips overlap each other to form a strip curtain door.

Once installed a strip curtain door offers the efficiency of a door with the convenience that you don't have to open and close it. Strip Curtain Solutions can design a strip curtain door to fit just about any size opening. For more examples, see where to find strip curtains.

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