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9 Must Have Features of Impact Traffic Doors (Part 2)

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We briefly mentioned the 9 features of a quality impact traffic door in our article titled What are Impact Traffic Door? In this article we continue to look at the features of impact traffic doors in more depth. This is the second then in our two-part series on the features of impact traffic doors. In case you missed part 1, we will post the link at the end.

Long service life of traffic doors

Duralite doors strike a good balance between light weight and durability. This is assisted by spring bumpers on both sides of each leaf. Although they marginally reduce the maximum opening size, they more than compensate for that by protecting the leaf.

Duralite doors bumper black

Spring bumper

Low maintenance

The only moving part of the door is the hinge. The V-cam hinge has a sealed bearing which guarantees low maintenance for many years. The bearing runs up the cam when the door opens and down when it closes … you can call it brilliant and virtually indestructible. The outer Polyethylene skin of the leaf is water-resistant and would love you to wash it when dirty. This short video clip you can see how an impact traffic door performs.

Impact traffic doors are self closing

Our impact traffic doors use a V cam hinge at the top. The bottom hinge is for alignment and stability. When a person approaches the door, it will give way to the exerted force. As the leaf swings open, it raises slightly. Once the person has pushed through the door, gravity returns the leaf to its resting position.

Built-in window for visibility

The vision panel of the traffic door is made from scratch resistant clear Polycarbonate sheet. Not only does the door offer a degree of privacy but also the vision panel offers a safety element. As you approach the door you can observe if there are obstructions behind the door or if someone else is approaching the door from the opposite side.

Commercial swinging doors vision panel

Vision panel

Bi-directional/double acting/swing hinges

The cam roller hinge at the top in combination with the static hinge at the bottom enables our impact traffic doors to swing through 180 degrees. Hence these doors are sometimes called industrial swing doors or commercial swinging doors. Important to note though, the leaf can swing through 180 degrees, but the spring bumpers reduce that number slightly.

Industrial swing doors top hinge

Top V-Cam hinge

Impact traffic doors bottom hinge

Bottom pin in block hinge


As can be seen from the 9 features of impact traffic doors we've just discussed, an industrial swing door is a sound investment. Strip Curtain Solutions is a Durulite retailer. If we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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